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F.11 Mr Bentham to Mr Nepean – Letter 1. 10 Marcg 1800.
Confusion, unintelligibility, and groundlessness of the Duke's Letter – Expedient
omitt a part to make the rest intelligible.

The accompanying paper points out the alterations requested in a certain Letter –

Also, the demand for such alterations –
In the accompanying printed Extract, all the words in question are
scored in red ink.</p>

(a) The words cancelled by red Ink, are what are humbly
proposed to be struck out of a certain letter to render the terms
of it the more conformable with what is now declared to
have been the intention of it.

"I understand the object of these Acts to be, that such
"Penitentiary Houses should be used, principally as receptacles
"for such transportable Convicts, as the several Jails of the
"respective Counties cannot contain, from the time of their
"receiving sentence, till an opportunity ay offer for their
"being transported."

After this omission, the principle laid down, and the
number recommended to be provided for, in conformity to that
principle, will be consistent with each other: otherwise not.

True it is, that, when one comes to the latter part of the
Letter, it becomes evident enough, that the other object to which
the word "principally" bears reference, and which is treated by
it as a subordinate one, is that which regards the untransportable
Convicts afterwards mentioned: but, taking the import
of the word as it stands upon the face of the sentence of which
it forms a part, it looks as if it bore reference to another
subordinate object – viz that which concerns such of the transportable
Convicts as the Jails will contain. Were this last mentioned
construction to be received, it would follow, that no
Convicts, even of the transportable class, ought to be consigned
to the Panopticon, so long as there were any room
for them in the Country Jails: and that therefore, if the
Country Jails can be made to hold the whole number of
transportable Convicts, not one of them ought to be sent to the

(a) Or instead of the words proposed to be cancelled insert the following viz
as would otherwise be provided for in the Hulks.

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