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16 Feb 1802§ 8 Establishment

F5 (e) The £2,000 imprest money granted me
for carrying on the Penitentiary works mentioned in
my printed evidence to the Committee of Finance.
The warrant for it is in the Appendix to the Report of
the Committee.

F.5. (f) The surmize, about this doubt was not altogether without foundation.
As On my very first meeting with audience of Mr King, he observed
to me that there were symptoms of coldness about the
Treasury, and that though they put the question, it
was in a manner that shewed they did not did not express much importance
care whether they about the having an answer. Bef At different
times, before and after this, Mr Long, by a somehow in a strain
equally of equal equally confidential
strain of confidence had threw out trials of a similar
witness on the part of the Treasury Secretary of State's office. Both confidences
were true: the temperature was the same in both stations:
but in which laboratory the cold was first generated,
must be left is a question I leave to them who are in
the secret. Neither confidence was without its object,
nor altogether without its effect. for Of cold in the
upper regions, a natural effect is – despondency in
the lower. Mr Baldwin (as Your Lordship has seen)
was neither had been had not been backward either in the preparation
nor communication of frigorific mixtures.

F.7 (a) In consequence of F6, I asked attended Mr
Nepean, who while I was with him, wrote F.7.
and sent it to Mr Long. It was afterwards (I was
informed) to Mr King, totidem verbis, except the being authenticated
by Mr Long's official signature. Your Lordship You
will find it I believe, in some official your Office my Lord, unless Mr King has lost it.

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