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17 Feby 1802 F.9. 5 Notes 57 §8 Establishment

4. That in the insta respect of expences of this nature,
Government has an interesta distinct interest of its own distinct from, and
opposite to that of the public — the aggregate body of his Majesty,

That, this being the case, Government and in respect
of such its distinct and opposite interest, is intitled to the preference.

That the Secretary of State had on this occasion
or (what comes to the same thing) conceived himself
to have an interest opposite to that of the public
voice of pers complying with the wishes and
interests or supposed interests of his acquaintance
is a truth but too apparent from the whole of
the business: and that in this behalf the more
Noble Secretary of State and one such of his office acquaintance
as he was disposed to accommodate
in this respect filled up the space allotted in his
mo Most Noble mind to the idea of Government — is
another proposition which there seems little reason to dispute.
See further on | §. Fill up

6. That the having a good Jail in any one place
would be a bad thing; since the effect of it would be to prevent
that there would be none but bad Jails any where
else: for it such is the nature of a man when he a man has any thing to make
else or object with him to make; and sees a good thing of the kind already made it becomes an what he has himself to make, as bad as possible.

7. That the having in the Metropolis a Jail in a state of superior excellence
in the Metropolis capable of fit to serve as a model for
all the others, would be particularly pernicious: because the
consequence would be that these who before otherwise would have
tried to get good "improved" Jail, will have then prefer the bad unimproved ones which they have:
and those whose duty it is to take care of the existing Gaols, and who
would would otherwise have fulfilled
that duty, will
now "neglect" that duty:
which neglect will now be
cares to them: since now
nobody will be disposed they will not be in any
to call them danger of being called to account
for it, as they might have
been otherwise.

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