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17 Feb. 1802 F.12
§ 8 Establishment

F.12 (b) So necessary was the legislative power
to Mr King, the Noble Duke to the purposes of Mr King – his most noble principal, and the rest of the
confederacy, that all the representations of Mr Nepean
to Mr King (with whom he assured me
at different times he had taken no small pains)
could not prevail with him to give it up.

This was therefore is but one among
so many other proofs that the assumption of this
dispensing power was – on the part of Mr
King at least, as deliberate as possible – and
as clear as possible from all excuses on the score
of bona fide misconception haste, inadvertency,
or bonâ fide misconception.

F.13 (a) Ignorant Unconcerned as I then was of the true cause
and perfect predetermined inseparability of the obstacles I was
contending with – watching the chances of meeting,
between Mr Nepean who in the midst of the
enormous excessive load of business under which he was struggling labouring
was notwithstanding on the hunt for them,
and Messrs Long and King whose mutual secret
study it was to decide all such occasions of explanation, I my anxiety gave birth from time
to time to these different expedients.

F.13 (b) I, at this time, as well as Mr Nepean,
was disposed to ascribe this inexplicable immobility to
proper, or honed obstinacy. I was mistaken. The adherence
was – not to the letter, but to the plan of operation itself. The letter
was lay at least unreferred
to, and seemed to
⊞ was at least put be put by, as if not designed
for use:
⊞ here at last given up
but it this was only for
the purpose of pursuing
the same System by
other means.

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