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My Lord,

Mr Wilberforce, who when about a fortnight ago had the
goodness to communicate mention to me that result general least
the general complaint of a had been by having exchanged a few words
with your Lordship on the Parliamentary House business, suggested to me on that occasion the idea of my making a personal
application myself my attempting to pay my respects to your Lordship in person on that subject.
My answer was - that I know of no claim right ?
tied to the attempt permission of giving your Lordship any
such trouble - there the I had been
accustomed to meet with on similar occasions
When my right
to be heard had
appeared to myself
is most to be owed

when I conceived myself to have a an indubitable right to be
heard had had nothing either so successful or in
other respects as flattering as to render render me forward produce
my propensity to obtrude myself where I believe was
had conscious of having none no such rights - that about the turn of
your Lordships Ld Pelhams entrance into office my Brother
having occasion in respect of his official situation
to mention some matters Master or Miss of a
temporary concern nature I had desired him to endeavour,
if he found it practicable to drop a find a place for
word or two, in the view of drawing your Lordships
attention to the subject in which I was so particularly
interested concerned - that upon his waiting on
your Lordship for their purpose, a message was an intimation was
sent not given convey'd to him that your Lordship was not there
at leisure - and that as none of his information was
given to him that there could be any other term
at which Your Lordship would be ever at leisure he might be more fortunate.

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