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When it a man labours under the misfortune
is unfortunate enough to have to do with them who has
their personal reasons for not doing justice, and who
are above being compelled to do it, he labours under stands exposed to
this delusion a dilemma from which it is not easy to keep silent <add>to </add>, So long as travels on in the
of on with demonstration here of in a stream of obsequiousness and grant him
a no notice is taken of him: if finding that
nothing is got by this, he comes in time to talk of
rights and injuries, he is then not dare in an angry
man: and this discovery save us a pref justificand
not only with the injuries there are follow it in there for him
but for them that have preceded it.

[+] I saw pretty early when private influence waxed strong - when good faith began to waver. I made my discoveries and I was not backward in communicating them; I prophesied ventured to write prophecies, and they have long been history. It may with some receipts to keep without much difficulty by they are not the more pleasant for being true
Many men reason to think that in
of every other. His place has been here and there made use of against
me, I will beg him of your Lordship's humanity
to hear understand how far I plea confess myself guilty
and how far I plead not guilty to the this charge.

In my intercourse with persons in whose situations
my own was has been dependant, I have not unfrequently expressed myself when occasion seemed to call for it with a degree of
in some respects what they may have been
to expression: keeping clear at the same time studying at the same time and I believe
on those occasions of all expressions of which these,
So when inclination shall could not be wanting, should
find it in their power to take advantage. As to equals)
I recollect not that has ever been that individual with)
whom I have ever had any such disagreement as
could be termed a quarrel. Law torts I have never
engaged in any, and have in my find the satisfaction of
preventing : and was to the doing of does for
any vindictive a purpose, I am certain can speak
with certainty of its having never happened to me
in the whole course of my life. There A point between

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