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Note to Long letter to J.B.

In one I had about June last, with Mr
Hiley Addington by mistake (for my attendance was by at the desire of Mr Vansittart on other business) the only one I have ever
had with him, Mr Long being present, (but as I understood)
by accident, both gentlemen joined
in giving me to understand,
at as they
determined upon at
determination of –
the wring
an intention entertained
and expressed by in this
letter entertained preformed
before the writing
of this letter, and
expressed and meant to be expressed
bi it - that the establishment
was to go on
only that the number
of prisoners to be maintained
and built for
was to be reduced from
1000 to 700, and that
I was to have compensation
was to be given
me for the difference.
Mr Long even with vehemence The course they took to impress me with
Mr H. Addington with equal vehemence, upbraided that idea was the joining in upbraiding me, and even with vehemence
me as if it were with stupidity for not believing being satisfied seeing or it were with stupidity for not seeing understanding being satisfied
or for with insincerity for affecting not to be satisfied
of the existence in this his official letter to me the
of an intention on the part of the Treasury to afford
me intention to give me compensation for the reduction reducing of the number
of persons from the originally stipulated number of
that such was the intention expressed as well as entertained.
same to 500. Here the letter is, and Mr Long
spoke from his imagination: from his own imagination:
Mr H. Addington, from Mr Long's: there
the letter is, and I would be thankful if as should I be to any body who would enable me not to see to avoid seeing the direct
reverse. Two events are mentioned: one in which
compensation I am allowed to think of compensation
another in which nothing is said of compensation.
I am to say to on what terms I am willing to
contract to build for half the number that had been from the
on the assurance of which I had been called upon
in July 1793 "to take my arrangements" but as for compensation
for the loss of the other half there is not a single syllable.

I can go somewhat further: further than Mr
Long I comp am apt to think is aware. If I
am to say that t the time of settling that very
letter Mr Long was not determined that I should
not have no such number to build for, nor an
number at all to build for – and that the
of a compensation was not to alive I was it was
not intended I should indulge myself with in my
other want than that of the total ruin of my plan, should
speak against all probability, supported by direct use I am assured that I should never have it.

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