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Mr Addingtons station and habits have been those of
a Judge: a more upright one was never hoped or
so much as wished for: the eye of the public
was upon him: he was never for a moment out
of the public eye: in all that time it could be
never have entered into his conception as a possible
event that a Judge should turn a deaf ear to evidence.
Men are partly what such as natural disposition,
partly what such as situations make them. Now His situation changes.
Court, the Judges study Since Mr Addingtons study, the secretum Judius on
the one side, men who must be reclined with:
men in whom it is not altogether convenient to
find . On the other, a man who has
but his
for the , of others has lost his
stature in society; and who for having been oppressed
by those who for them having injured him whom the injuries they have done
have his him have converted into mimics, has been deserted by his
friends. It is now no longer necessary to
hear evidence: he the Judge has every thing to fear from
hearing it: he has nothing to fear from not
hearing it. Conscience however has not yet
ceased to be troublesome to Mr Addington. He
turns it over to dares not indeed hear evidence: he but
neither does he dare to
dares not say he will not hear it. He turns
it over to his Brother: and his Brother, in
answer to the question whether he will hear or no,
gives a man me to understand, but by the most
oblique and implication possible, that

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