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Panopt. Ld Pelham

That there might be no mistake, I repeated it in a letter To put the matter out of doubt, I wrote to Mr Long,
asking whether it was so, saying adding that fter
such a communication, silence in default of an
answer would be equally instructive. – No answer
came. This silence had not the shadow of pretence. On his part, their
had been the habit of leaving letters unactioned, and
shrinking eluding undermine from explanation: but from me he had never either
read or heard an angry word.

To return to my negotiations with Ld Belgrave.

These are a part though but a
small part of my reasons for suspecting that when
Mr Long upbraided me for not seeing in his
letter a determination an intention on his part to establish the Penitentiary
House though on a reduced scale, the ground of
the reproach was my not seeing the in that
letter a power which he had an intention
which though he thus called on me to believe in it
he had never entertained – a promise which if
it had been made he had intended at the time
of making it should not be kept. A noble friend
to whom I took the letter with the yet warm on
it, a man competent to form the best judgement put the surest interpretation upon it by all sorts of nobles, had no such doubts. Yes says he – you this
say to be letter is to put into a passion by this letter, and
that passion is to be the pretence. He had not
had (for who has ever had?) precisely such dealings the sort of experience
of the Treasury that has fallen to my share, but the
complexion of it was not unknown . He
is a in this field
This from the letter, and credentarie the place from which it came: for the direct and positive evidence, as above
was still unknown to him.

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