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To Ld Pelham

to make out establish if possible – and that by incorruptible
and unexceptionable irrecusable evidence – in the first
place, the fact of such refusal – in the next
place a f another fact without which the
former instead of an advantage would have been
a disgrace to me – viz. that that refusal was
altogether destitute of all pretence. Both points
were established put out of doubt by Mr Long's unreserved confession
as reported to me by Mr Nepean: and
to make still more sure, I upon my accidental chance
meeting with him in Mr Hiley Addingtons Chamber
as above. I took the advantage to repeat
the same questions to him in the presence of
Mr Addington: mentioning, if I recollect right, the commission I had given on that subject to Mr Nepean. As to the refusal, in the
confusion produced by a question so and
so unexpected, he at once denied and justified it.
It was for my sake that he advised me to apply
by way of Memorial, that I might know what
I had to trust to: as to the not so much as
concerning himself to have ever had any the smallest
ground of complaint against me, on any account
whatever he confessed it in terms as explicit
as any I could myself have dictated.

He confessed at the same time to Mr Nepean
that he dreaded the very sight of me, referring
of course to sympathy what others a third
person might refer to a less sentimental cause.
Having thus confessed made to Mr Nepean a confession
which could not but be accompanied by shame,

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