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§ 11 Disarmed Memorial and its consequences

Nepean's express recommendation, that I called in Sackville Street, for the purpose of conversing
with you in person: but, if your absence be not fatal to the business, I shall be much better
pleased with the opportunity of transacting it in this manner, without any other communication
than what will shew itself in black and white. I am not sure, but that the Report from
the Board might be waited for, without much inconvenience, till their regular time of re-assembling:
but till Mr. Young's answer is obtained, or is known to be unobtainable, every thing is
at a stand: – and a business, in which the public has an interest of no inconsiderable magnitude,
and for the conclusion of which all parties are impatient,(b) sleeps: and in short, if it does
not come, at farthest, before this week is at an end, the hopes entertained of an answer from
a quarter thus respectable must be deserted: – but these matters are so perfectly A, B, C to
Mr. Young, that I am sanguine enough to hope – if not for a definitive solution, at least for
an answer with an approximation announcing a definitive solution, in a few days,
by return of post.(c)

Question as proposed by Mr Bentham.

A sum having been allotted in March 1793 for the maintenance of a certain
number of persons of the lowest rank in life, in provisions, cloathing, bedding, washing, fireing,
and lighting – how much (if any thing) per cent ought to be the additional allowance made at
present in consideration of the intervening rise of prices? The calculation to be grounded not on
the prices of a particularly bad year, such as the present, but on the probable average of a future
term – say 12 years.

Dispatch is requisite: no very minute investigation is necessary: a rough calculation,
being as this cannot but be, a fair one, will suffice.

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Disarmed Memorial & its consequences




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