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§ 11 Disarmed Memorial and its consequences

The following is a literal copy of Mr Young's answer – and the whole of it.

I.7 Mr Arthur Young to Mr Bentham. Woburn Abbey 17 June 1800.
Answer to the above Question on Rise of prices.

Question –
How much per cent ought to be allowed, in the supposed case stated, for the difference
of prices, of provisions, cloathing, bedding, washing, fireing and lighting, for 12 years to come
– in comparison wit hthe prices, that were in contemplation in 1793.

The question must necessarily be answered, from speculation on the future:
which is very difficult, and uncertain: so uncertain, that no body of precedent men would
like to committ themselves, by giving an opinion. I can speak only with great hesitation to
such a question: – I have considered, and consulted some of the ablest men in England;
& best judges of such a subject, assembled here at the Duke of Bedford's Sheep Shearing;
and, upon the whole, I am inclined to name 40 per cent. But let me not do it without
again observing, that it is very wild work, to pretend to conjecture for twelve years to
come. Arthur Young

The Board of Agriculture assembles after the meeting of Parliament: but the
President can, at any time, call a meeting: at present however, that would be very
difficult, as the members are most of them out of Town.
Woburn Abbey
June 17th 1800.

I.8 I.8. Mr Bentham to Mr Long through Mr Nepean 18 June 17 1800
Sends Copies of the above two Letters – Anxiety to present the Estimate from being too favourable.

There therefore seems no hope of settling the matter better by
any other reference: i:e: by reference to any other quarter.

If Mr Nepean and Mr Long should think it necessary, that
a 2d reference should be made to Mr Young, clearing the question of
what regards futurity, I am ready to obey their commands to that
effect: and, should there be any difference in the 2d answer, the
answer of the Board(a) might adapt that difference.

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