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2 Jany1802
K. Fake Report

This anonymous of falshoods, as your
Lordship may well suppose, was not before it was given me communicated
to me, before it was given in, for my assent
before as little was it communicated to me afterwards
for my information guidance. On the only preceding occasion of
the kind – when the communication was to me
made to the Committee of Finance itself, then
sitting – so correct and regular and cautious was the proceeding,
that when their Lordships would not take upon
them to report my readiness to go on with
the plan about which I had been so troublesome
to their Secretaries for so many years, was
to be reported upon, so correct and cautious was the proceeding, gentlemen they would not venture to report my readiness
to go on with it, without hearing the assurance from my own
mouth. The presence of the sun at noon day
was to be proved required proof: the presence of the sun at
midnight of course required no proof was to be taken for granted without proof was
too notorious evident to stand in need of proof.

This spurious extract from the Treasury
Books, would have been shut up as close from
me as Your Lordship has seen the Treasury Books themselves were
had it depended upon the nameless and shameless shame-struck
author. It was no thanks to him that
I had not been yet so compleatly cut off from
society but that I had been found still left
in the House, who took care a copy of the paper should
find its way into my house, as soon as it they were
delivered out. From the Treasury, my Lord,
no communication of it was ever made to me.

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