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8 Jany 1802

opposition of to the letter of some positive statute
ir the declared spirit of some acknowledged rule
of law. In this most commodious produce of
ingenious coward despotism in this state receptacle – injure in
the composition of which sports of all colours
and complexions, black white and grey, pure and impure, capable and
incapable, are kneaded together into an indistinguishable
mass, without feature shape, or limit or ill
desert is covered as much is possible from all punishment – good desert robbed of all reward bereft and shut out from coupled
and stripped of all reward.

For this seeming digression – for such it may seem
to be, though surely not other than an irrelevant
one, I can do no otherwise than committ myself to your Lordships candour
and indulgence. Though now dignified with, I never had the honor
of car forming constituting a component part of pieces in any such
ingrace state – or possibly not impossibly for that very reason – the
nature and properties of it – I may venture
to say without much arrogance – are not altogether
new to me. As the stars was by Herschel, so how these sublunary constellations
been ever and anon pried into by me: I have looked above me, and on one side of me: I have seen the earth I have examined the workings of the machine in all its seemingly opposite discordant but yet consistent and concentrated uses and applications. I have
grown grey in the study, at this my humble

In that studiously manufactured owl-light, in which
all cats are grey, your Lordship will not expect that the doves should be picked out from the crows by
with unerring discrimination by any such eyes as mine: among those who while
deeds of darkness were doing, sat still with their
heads under their wings, or the nyctitating membrane
over their eyes, it may even yet depend upon some
b in which flock they shall be numbered.

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