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24 Mar 1802
Secret Minutes

O3 Conn Obsns or


King & Longs
designs encrease
in harshness

There was one sort of curiosity which had a title to satisfaction,
the curiosity of the Inquisitors to [+] what the Examinant would
find to say to this:
[+] [+] the curiosity [to see]
how the cat mouse would
behave itself under the air-pump —

and that the curiosity or the desire of amusement
There was another sort of curiosity which had no such title: —
which have gained taken possession of their Lordships honourable
minds:[+] there is another thing which never
did nor ever could have any claim to satisfaction
and that was any such idle curiosity as should or might to have
prompted the visionary mind as might have been felt by the projector of who this projector
to be become acquainted with his fate.
the curiosity of the projector/victim to become/be made acquainted with his fate. A proposal from
him was to be called for, but it was to be for form's
sake and for the declared undissembled purpose of forming framing a
regular ground for the relinquishment [that was in store to be the
for it. end of it. The idea Compensation was to be mentioned to him play'd before his eyes
but it was to be for forms sake, and care was
to be taken that it lest he should suppose it
to mean any thing more. The question was
to be put to him – but it was to be put to
him in the form of a trap snarea trap of exactly the same sort construction
with those which he had recognized and adverted been recognizing and adverting
as such for years so many years.

And now my Lord when the letter of questions
had been written what answer could be they have expected?
What was the fruit he could look for from any such
answer, the fate of his last preceding address
to them had shewed. The Armed Memorial The Memorial of
April 1800 was no Memorial because, along
with claims it had gave reasons for its claims. The
Disarmed Memorial — the Memorial of June 1800 was
indeed a Memorial but a Memorial which was never to
have an answer. It was among the privilege of their Lordships — and a privilege never to be exercised — to put all questions and to answer none.

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