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2 Apr. 1802
Secret Minutes – Lapse of Time

Your Lordship now sees why all these enormities
were committed, the use of which might not in every instance
have been so clearly understood: why all that
train of perfidies and duplicity and procrastinations and manufactured difficulties, which fill up characterizes
the transactions of the four first years – of those years
of which the history remains to be related: why that disposition which was pretended to be "felt" and by the pretence
of which Mr Long imposed or rather sought to impose perfidy for probity upon
the Committee of Finance.

In the four second period of five years – the period now in question –
Your Lordship moreover sees –

1 – Why the Treasury Board, after having been suffered to give
orders were an on occasion made to them, on a sham pretence
and on another to sit still and see them treated with contempt.
Why was employed for the oppression of Mr Wise.
Why a person totally foreign to the business was deluded and
excluded and the more effectually oppressed.

2 – Why twenty families were made unhappy in hopes of
making another oppressed individual – the involuntary and indignant instrument of their suffering, poor and odious.

3 – Why the establishment was pretended to be doubted,
with the intention of reducing it nominally to half
and really to nothing.

– Why the Secretaries of the Treasury and the Secretary of
State, as if in league conspiracy with the many, trifled with kept trifling
the Secretary to of the Admiralty for now a twelvemonth, consuming
his time, and harrassing a constitution life invaluable to the country, scarce supporting
itself under sinking before their eyes labour and disease.

5 – Why the Sollicitor to the Treasury, on his ground, defended
the allotted part of dishonour allotted to him inch by inch – opposing every thing
the ground inch by inch – refusing every thing, neglecting
every thing, but the care of frustrating obstructing what it
was his duty to promote accomplish. accomplish carry into effect.

6 – Why the department of Subordinates was marked characterized throughout by the
insolence of forbidding haughtiness – and that of the Secretary in whom
every thing depended – by the insolence of peevishness, and inaccessibility
and inexorable silence.

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