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25 Mar 1802
5. Encrease of terms

So much for proposing: now as to encrease of terms.
Heads of encrease.
Encreases in the terms two and no more than two:
one nominal and merely nominal not real: encrease in
the head money for maintenance: an encrease in figures
indeed, but not an encrease in value: that sort
of nominal encrease apparent change which was necessary to prevent
a real one. Even this but proposed (and how proposed!) But this Your Lordship has seen already.
And The other encrease real: but by whom made?
and how made? and with what deliberation made?
and to what purpose made? This also Your Lordship
has also seen – and surely even to design it, have not your eyes
been wounded by it.

My Lord in all classes of malefactors ruffians below
the toughe worst, and highest there is something of an option
given – to it submitt or speak a word and you are a
dead man. I, my Lord had no such indulgence –
the language to me was speak the word submitt – speak -
(speak such a word as the words we wont force you give us a proposal in our own way a proposal) or else you are a
dead man. My Lord, I did as I was bid I spoke the word, and
I was killed. the knife was driven rushed into my heart.

My Lord I will give you a lesson of moral
philosophy: you have it fresh from the Institute of the Treasury. In the
population of that world there are two races. The
one has no rights: these are the Suitors: I was of that
class. The other has no duties: these are the Honourable
Gentlemen. To these all things are lawful as once
supposed of the Saints. The bare proposal of an
encrease of terms though made but as would have
made it, was in me a deadly sin: the actual decrease
of terms was a work of grace. How much be Nor yet the less so
because the pretended decrease had intended annihilation at the bottom of it.

Both increases augmentations their
own work: the real,
directly and avowedly:
their own authorship
established by themselves
in this non official letter,
The apparent equally
their own work: having
for its sole cause and
measure their own delay:
the delay manufactured by
themselves, for the sake
of the double they
themselves now make of it.
The delay, under
its own name, is
one of their pleas one plea for relinquishing final relinquishment perfidy:
out of the
delay comes further expence;
and that affords
another plea
out of this
they make another plea.

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