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it. My notion had been that there are but three
estates to a law. I found soon found that there
was a fourth estate: and a fourth estate that came
across me every where: a fourth estate in every Office, a veto after enactment.
In every Office great and small, that I had to deal
with: in the Sollicitor to the Treasury – in the Secretary
to the Treasury – in the Surveyor General's of Crown
Lands: and now in your Lordship's Office, the Secretary
of States Office. Coming to Mr this point
with Mr King, the point of keeping the Convicts
in the Gaols instead of dealing with them as by
Act of Parliament, I begged of him to look at the
Acts – I begged leave to shew him the Acts –
No: he would not hear of it. But he – the
Act, as you would see – What signifies what
the Act says – "My conception is so and so:"
and then came the conception, according to which
the Acts were to be treated as wash paper: the
Duke of Portland and he were to keep convicts in
County Gaols or where they pleased, spite of Parliament, and its Acts, all Acts.
Well, Sir. I see you have not been to look into settle the
this at present, and indeed I can not say that
I am not myself myself prepared for it. But
neither when it is convenient I hope you will give
me leave to submitt to you what I have to observe
in relation to these Acts: and that till I havent had
the opportunity of them being heard, the Letter
which you are to write to the Treasury on the
subject wil not go. Very well – it shall not go.
You will give me notice, Sir before it goes – Yes I
will give you notice. You promise me, Sir? – I promise

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