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28 March 1802
Jail Improvements

The work I am thus now taking in hand has
somewhat the one of a work of supererogation: but
as I am now upon the subject – and I have
no such fondness for it as to wish ever to come back
to it for Your Lordshp can not be more tired sick
of it than I am – I will go on so far can travel on in with it
so much further
as to shew, that – not only it is not true so far is it from being true
that from both these sources together any sufficient
ground has been deduced to warrant the setting aside
the establishment – even by authority from Parliament
– it is not even in the nature of the case
to afford any such grounds.

In combating such antagonists as these have
made themselves to me, my task is doubly toilsome
– I have their arguments to crush as well
as to destroy: for in as much as a man wants requires
less reason of his side in proportion as he has more
power as the demand for reason is inversely as as reason is least counted as there is less need of reason where there is most power,
the stock of power – when they do condescend to
take argument reason in hand they deal Your Lordship sees them dealing by it as
Gibbon as been charged with dealing by history
and instead of giving any thing that can be called
an argument a reason what they give is an allusion to a source
from whence they suppose or portend to suppose
that arguments reasons were to might be drawn.

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