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28 March 1802
3 Jail Improvements

1. During confinement As a security of the negative or preventive kind cast against
Against mischief of all kinds, to the prejudice of orders
or to the prejudice of the prisoners themselves – against
escapes – against disease and discomfort in all shapes
by reason of neglect or ill-treatment on the part of
subordinates – as a security of the positive or productive kind cast for the exclusion and
profitable direction of productive and other necessary labour – is it a
matter of importance or of indifference, that, with reference to what are or ought to be the ends in view in the contrivance of a prison, that without change of plan or each prison
and any or all the prisoners should at any and all times be capable
of being presented to the view of the Head Keeper and
of any such other superintending eyes, or by the
attraction of curiosity, or humanity, or public spirit
may happen to be pointed directed to the spot? – Among
the variously improved Jails, is there a single instance
in which this problem has been or has been so much as attempted
to be solved? Is there any thing wanting to the
solution of it in the plan of the National and Penitentiary Panopticon Penitentiary
House which Messrs Pitt Rose and Long
whose duty it was to have set on foot, had been
at so much pains for seven years together to keep out
of existence, seeing all along – in the way of second
sight – the or various improvements that would be in
the existing Jails – that is in such as Parliament the readers
of this their Report
was to understand in all of them that it – as the
truth is in here and there are of them out of upwards
of 260 from 260 to 270 Jails in England and Wales also? For the number see Howard. He mentions The number he visited was 257 and there were more he says that he did not visit.

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