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29 Mar
3 Jail Improvements

As to maintenance, I will not attempt to
take up a time so valuable as Your Lordship's
nor even a time of so little value as my own, in
making out an exact comparative calculation of the
comparative expence per head in the proposed a Panopticon Penitentiary
House and the any most improved of the other most prisons upon the contrived on other plans
existing improved prisons. Taking into the account this part branch
of the expence alone – and the present time alone –
I should by no means be surprized if I found in
some of the most improved prisons the annual expence –
taking the same years in both cases – considerably less
than in any Penitentiary House upon my terms.
But when the were the annual interest upon the excess in the building
expence added to the annual expence of maintenance
in that cse I know not on which side
to expect the most economy aggregate annual expence
per head be the least. But if this be matter of doubt
there are other points which are not so many whatever
may be the ballance will suffice to turn the scale.
The moderation reduction in the expence of the such of the existing
prisons as are models to the rest, is produced by the
produce of the labour of the prisoners. The amount of this
produce depends not only upon the indefatigable industry zeal
and superior talents of the patrons and contrivers –
endowments much too great to be hereditary – but upon the
magnitude of the scale on which those individual establishments are
constructed – a circumstance an advantage not capable of being communicated
to the minor prisons: a circumstance, the inattention
to which would hav of In Mr Pitt's Poor Bill, would of itself
have been sufficient to have had the country in ruins upon
the impossible supposition indeed, that the glaring impracticabilities in the
plan plan, had not prevailed to put a timely stop to it.
The Panopticon

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