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31 March 1802
3. Jail Improvements

To do their business to any purpose, they must approach near
to, and come almost in contact with, each inhabitant: whose
situation being watched over according to no other than
the loose methods of inspection at present practicable, will
on that account require the more minute and troublesome
investigation on the part of these occasional superintendants.
By this new plan, the disgust is entirely removed,
and the trouble of going into such a room as the logs
Lodge, is no more than the trouble of going into any

Were Newgate upon this plan, all Newgate might
be inspected by a quarter of an hour's visits visit to
Mr Akerman. – Panopticon Letter VI. pp. 29, 30, 31.

The letters of one of which the above is an extract were
written from Russia with an express view to this very prison,
which (as I had learnt from an article in the a Newspaper) I had learnt
had been then in contemplation. When it arrived, a plan
had been already been decided upon by a set of Magistrates
who among whom the leading men were themselves Architects – and who had every
motive which professional and personal biases can
give fo preventing the building from being constructed either upon
a new plan or a cheap one.

In a commission for such a purpose, it seemed
natural enough to expect, judging from general principles
that a man a hu friend of Howard's – a man who had served already a
treble apprenticeship to Howard's trade – a man
a lawyer once so by profession – Hence forward
so by study – a man pointed out by name
by I and with in a stile of panegyric by
Administration to – that in such a commission a man thus circumstanced
if no forfeiture of these titles had been incurred
should have been called upon to take a part.
But the very considerations that would have determined Right Venerable
and Honourable Gentlemen to give him such a call had
they been honest, determined them to do no such thing, being what they were.

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