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§ 14 The Intrigue blabbed by King

F.181 NL.1 – Mr Bentham to Mr Nepean. 10 Septr. 1800.(a)
Chance discovery King's chance communication – Number cut down to 500. – Impracticability
– injustice.

Queens Square Place Westmr 10 Septr 1800

This Morning, by accident, I met Mr King; who, on my enquiring
what news, told me it was a good as settled, that I was to have
but 500, and building money accordingly.

Not to mention the flagrant breach of faith, the reduction would
be much more than the figures would seem to indicate. –

1. I cannot pay half a Deputy, half a Chaplain, half a Surgeon &c,
nor can I do with half the number of Guards, especially exterior
Guards, the number of which cannot be at all reduced.

2. The space within the walls, and consequently the expence of the walls,
(little less than £2,000 including Block Houses) could not be considerably
less, for the 500, than for the 1000.

3. I all along said, that, in such a situation, I must have artificial
elevation for the building:(b) expence, not less than £3,000.
This I should not have charged, if I could have got money for the
2000: but what am I to do, if the 1000 are to be reduced to 500?

Do they suppose, that, if the content of the building were to be
reduced by one half, the expence of the elevation would be but
one half? – it would be three fourths.(c)

What an intricacy of calculation would be necessary for all these
adjustments! & what would be the saving from all this injustice?

Had I got the two thousand, I should have surrounded
the whole of the Ground with a high Wall, either at once,
out of the Building Money, or by degrees, as I could afford
it. This would be impracticable with the building money
for the 500. And what would the Ground be worth, for
Prisoners, without Walls?(d)

If they gave me building money for no more than
500, I suppose they would not give me any more Ground,

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