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20 Jany 1802

The plan your Lordship will observe may have observed – the plan
such as it is Your Lordship sees it – is what a plan could not fail – that
could not miss of answering its intended purpose.
Accordingly, it has not missed of it. But not
fail? – because of the situation, from which the operations
(or including the no-operations) were to be carried on. If in
that w situation a plan had been capable of
failing, this will would have failed over and over
as Your Lordship will see by the execution of it.
Even in the ultimate resource the grand globe of compression
Your Lordship will see is so loaded with absurdity as mine – that
if the mask had been removed taken off from it at once –
and the language had been – We'll wake blow you up
at once because there is no law to punish us – the reputation
of the engineers would have been less by it
than at present. What? – order Double the expence (says your Lordship) Order an encrease of
themselves and then make a crime of it to you
– and a crime for which nothing less than utter ruin
can be a sufficient punishment? It is not
in human nature. I should by sorry Pity to think
it could be so much as in the heart of a moral being: – but
in the heart or not, it can never have been in
the head of any rational one. – It can never be
– this is your gloss upon it – they could have
never have thus put you to death for a principle the bare
proposal of a principle
of encrease they themselves had put into your mouth:
– no – no, there must have been some difference
about figures: — My Lord, there never was any
difference about figures: it never came to that: a
difference about figures supposes figures proposed
on the one side, and objected to on the other: it supposes,

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