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14 Jany 1802

To be without humour or honour humour ill humour (understand
ill humour) or honour, is the definition given
by an ingenuous Frenchman of a perfect Courtier.
To be a half courtier to throw off one of the first of the two
incumbrances – to bid an everlasting adieu to ill-humour
– at any rate to bid any the slightest demonstration
of it – was in this desperate and trying game the law of the game imposed
upon me. As to the other incumbrance, it was so far
from throwing it off, it necessary in this case to cling to, and wrap about
me as close as possible. In my honour
– in that poor remnant of obscure and unwitnessed honour that could remain be preserved
from the wreck by a proscribed man against whose
all approaches to factitious honour were for ever closed shut
in that poor and haggard remnant. I was to
preserve hold fast if possible my only comfort and support
under and after the course of torment to which I was
doomed. Your Lordship will see whether I ever
flinched: and whether amidst the provocations of
all sorts and from all quarters to which every
step I trod was destined to give birth, I ever
opposed any other more offensive arms than gentle expostulation
or silent patience.

Nor was this all. My task was not only It would have availed me
little to have trod to the end
to tread throughout the path of unruffled patience, but if
at every step I was not to take care, if possible
if possible, and wheresoever possible to obtain and
preserve the proof of it: – for amidst the sad
and wayward duties obligations which those who have

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