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18 Jany 1802

In the course of the 15 or 16 months that elapsed
between the opening of the negotiation on by the part of
Mr Long and his direct refusal of the intercourse, Your
Lordship will have to observe four separate and
distinguishable particular negotiations (the component elements of
the general negotiation) two, three, or all four of them
all going on at the same time: so many games
in of which my property (not to speak of that of third
persons who will make their appearance in the course of
it) my reputation, my peace of mind, my health,
my prospects for the my small remnant of life – my life
itself – composed the stake – games in for in which the
dice had been loaded
one party of the players was sure to win
– the others sure to lose – the dice having been
loaded by the master of the House. Four
pleas for quashing the establishment – some dilatory
– others peremptory – all upon the davit at the
same time. If Mr Long therefore had any perplexity at any time to them, in the midst well of this
ample bridge of ways and means lying at his feet Mr Long had
any thing like perplexity to contend with, it was
the choice of facilities – not, as in the case of the
heaven born General, the choice of difficulties that
was the cause of it.

What use was made by Mr Long, with his
best of co-adjutors and Sub-adjutors and Super-adjutors,
of the arms which my evil genius had thus
put into his bands, Your Lordship will see the following
pages may serve to shew.

All that was left to me was what was left to
the feet of Roman Emporers in the Capital after the first
dagger had struck it stroke – to die as decorously
or at the worst as decently as possible: and that when every
thing else was gone to wreck, or going, and seen to be going
without redemption, some thing some small remnant, in the

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