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18 Jany 1802

shape of honour, might, if possible, be saved.

The reason of my mentioning this here endeavouring
to bring to your Lordships view the multiplicity
of the battles I had to fight at the same time
is that a certain degree of intricacy that will
unavoidably present itself be produced in the grown
of the
by the intertexture of the different parts
of the general plan of the campaign, may be recognized
in time, and the requisite allowance made
for it. Had the mere order of this been the sole
consideration standard by which the arrangement of the
mass of documents had been adjusted, the entanglement
would have been inextricable. In the arrangement
here made I have therefore brought together under
the head of each of the four negotiations the documents
that more especially belong to it have a more especially berring upon it, making as
others are of the order of time thence for the arranging arrangement of the
negotiations themselves, and of the documents, one
among another, in each groupe. Were I in the
situation of the dramatist – had I a plot to make as well as to unfold
upon the stage, my the
texture of it
plot most assuredly
would not be quite
so intricate. But
I myself was never
more than a poor
player, as unless it were now and
then a poor scene-shifter.
Enquire for
the Author or the
Manager you will
find them united to every
purpose of ostensibility
at least, though unhappily
not of responsibility,
in the
person of Mr Long.

In speaking of my fate as prepared and predetermined at
a very early period of the whole business, it may
be necessary to beg your Lordship to distinguish
the case between the persuasion entertained by me
at present upon a retrospect of the whole train
of incidents, and the different degrees of suspicion,
– the mixture of hope and despair in an infinite
variety of proportions, which were produced in my
mind in the several stages of the business, by the incidents
events and appearances of each day.
ever-changing complexion of the time: – So long ago
as June 1798, in my examination before evidence to the
Committee of Finance, your Lordship will indeed find me

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