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21 Jany. 1802 After H1
§ 11 Armed Memorial

Mr Long having acceded to one part at
least of the prayer requisition, and not objected
to any other, and thus not appearing any
any part of it to which in the eyes opinion of a man
of honour, another man of honour could
have found any room for an objection of any
essential moment, Mr Nepean had for some
time previous to the giving in of this Memorial,
looked upon a compliance with the substance
of it as a matter of course. In this persuasion
he had revised and corrected it
gone so far as to revise and correct the very
words of it This accordingly as a persuasion
that could not but communicate itself
to me: I understood indeed distinctly enough
that from and after the interposition of Mr
Nepean he had fought him off, and had hung back
from explanation as long as possible: but at length
he had found it no longer possible. To bring
himself to compliance he would must (I was but
too sensible) have had his plan to change. I
from every light I could obtain extract from the discerning
and prudential reserve of Mr Nepean, the
change had actually taken place: and as conclusive
proof of it as could be derived was
the express approbation so given by him to
the very terms of an application, to which in
effect could be given, as to any part of it,
in any other event than that of the existence of such a change.

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