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One conception it is incumbent on me to take
this earliest early opportunity to remove out if possible
out of your Lordship's mind, because at the same
time that it is so natural one it would be so
compleatly erroneous an one and as well as to
me an an unfavourable and a prejudicial one. Such would your
Lordship say – such would every body without
exception say in your Lordship's place, has
been the treatment behaviour you have experienced from those
two gentlemen: – be it so: but now what has
been yours to them? and what I should be glad
to know have on all those occasions have you
said and done – what has been your language,
gesture, countenance to draw upon yourself such
countenance from such honourable men?

My Lord, I have told your Lordship what the
one I had vowed
from the utset I was determined my deportment
should be, and in that vain your Lordship
may read, and with unerring truth what on each
occasion it has been. Remember my Lord my
Cherokee probation exercise. My Lord, I have
never flinched under it not so much as a changed
countenance for a single moment. Singular as
it may appear to your Lordship, I have not
only been careful enough, but fortunate enough
to establish the point by evidence: by evidence
superior to all exceptions and which for that very
reason Mr Addington as your Lordship could never be endure to talk for.

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