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16 Jany 1802 C 11

history. One that I shall have to present your Lordship
with under the next head, may seem to
give afford additional support to the hypothesis
which notwithstanding I am free to confess, presents
itself to me in the least probable, as
well as least favourable most unfavourable one. But the judgment
does not rest with me.

This passage in part of the history stands – I must
confess no other ground than that of my own assertion:
but a former one in this same section Supra p. indicates
as your Lordship sees the testimony of Mr Estcourt,
as an additional one that might have been had
at the time, if Mr Long had chosen thought fit to face it:
and the following that which immediately follows had also, at the time,
as your Lordship will see, its additional and broader ground: I mean my
offer made at the time to Mr Long, to make good my
allegations, in the face of Mr White.

Be this as it may, Your Lordship sees
already in the picture thus painted for Mr Wilberforce,
a specimen, howsoever slight an one, of the sort of occupation give me, instead of the
occupation promised me, and and so dearly paid for after having been
purchased at so dear a rate: and whether
it be peculiar to myself a reserved peculiarly for me, or whether it were
shared by me in a greater or less degree with other
persons, having the misfortune suitors, unfortunate enough to have had business
depending at the Treasury, in the reign of the triumvirate Mr Pitt,
Mr Rose and Mr Long, it will moreover serve
as a sample specimen of the sort of treatment gentlemen
were exposed to by from the humour experience of a gentleman, who
at the same time I have all along understood has
been found very pleasant company where business has
not been on the carpet, by those to whom it appeared
to him worth his while to make himself so.

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