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9 Jany 1802

half, or even quarter justice, from the promised
2000 he fell to the original sanctioned 1000, and from the
one thousand to 500. Such was the composition that
Your Lordships sees must in a case this desperate have been offered to be accepted by my this
Agent: for Mr Nepean Your Lordship sees, by being the Agent of Law and Justice, was
become mine. He
was my Agent, just
as Your Lordship would
be, if I were fortunate
enough to establish it
in your Lordships opinion
that a conduct opposite
to that which has hitherto
been maintained in my
case is the conduct prescribed
by law and justice.

But this 500 prisoners though they were
seemed to quiet the conscience of Mr King, and
though as being a mere 500 times better than none at all
they would as such have been accepted by Mr Nepean
those neither these 500 Prisoners nor any
inferior number would answer the purpose were compatible with the exigencies views of
Mr Long: 500 would just as effectually as as effectually as 2000 have broke the
promise to Lord Belgrave,
5000 have made an irreparable break in
the condition of the bond obligation by which in chains
stronger than those its in which men are bound
he and his principals were held by the law
of the land and the law of natural and universal
justice, he was held in bondage by to Lord
Belgrave. Accordingly no sooner did this
letter of Mr King's reach Mr Long after all
those whisperings and consultations – more in
abundance than appears in the form of any
manufactured minutes – no sooner did it reach
the hands of Mr Long than it was seen at
once that the best or rather only fit place indeed the only
possible place
that could be found for it was the pocket of
Mr Long: in which retired situation place by turning to
the bottom of the page Your Lordship will
find it lying perdue till the 17 Ma of March

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