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9 Jany. 1802

My Lord the Bill thus called for by Mr Long
was never not ever given in to him: and the reasons why
it was not are extremely simple.

1. In the first place he was no longer there to
receive it – others were indeed, but of this afterwards

2. In the next place it was not his intention that
to obtain for me any sort of compensation.

3. In the next third place, it was not never in his power –
it would not have been had he staid.

Add Join power to intention, and the thing is done:
take away either, and it is not done: what becomes
of it when both requisites are wanting, what the business of it?
(After this, your Lordship may think it, it is scarce worth adding subjoining
that a compensation in a case like this in question
a compar every thing the utmost that could
have been given in the every name of compensation, would
have been but a trifle more than criminal, capable
of answering the purpose of those who were supposed
to offer it, but incapable of answering mine, or
of fulfilling accomplishing in any tolerable degree the ends of
substantial justice: a miserable fabrication of For what imperative after all
Treasury batchwork patchwork and scanty of would have been the real character and
work of Treasury manufacture value (as your Lordship sees) of the most effectual best remedy, that under the
name of compensation, the scarcest exertions could
have succeeded in applying to my case?, a promise
for life which would have been presented itself to the
public as outrageous and excessive if it had amounted
to the truth a part of but one of the three masses
of damage, the promised profits of my manufactory establishment – a miserable wretched scanty as well as piece of butchers work, of Treasury manufacture –
pitching over plastering over covering one job, I mean the Salisbury job with the appearance picture of another: – giving in the instrument of degradation which I had spurned instead of the instrument of beneficence for which I <gap/ languished preventing the means cup of idleness to a man who knew to whose life was without a value as to for no pleasure, but in hard labour but was a field for the example of useful industry: and in a word to cause the climax of humiliation, confounding my ornate in the eye of the world, with the character image picture of Mr Longs profanity, a Yellow-Admiralship to a man who for the
ten serviceable years of his life had been panting for
active service giving to the oppressed me – sitting a man down to eat the bread of idleness to
eat from at the same table with the my his oppressors
and to comprize in one word the sort of humiliation fill up the measure of my humiliation
the source of which were would have been the most futting to feelings such as mine.

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