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23 Aug 1802 9 July 1802

Thursday 9th of July 1801, I attended accordingly.
The person of Mr Vansittart was as yet unknown to me
whether mine was so to him or no, I know not. Being
before him earlier than he at the Treasury, I met in one of in one of my habitual walks to & from fro in the passages
a gentleman a little before 10. I met a person whom afterwards I recognized for him.
I took the earliest opportunity of apprizing several of the Attendants
about the office of my being there, waiting by
appointment for to be introduced to Mr Vansittart. [+] In the
course of it might be an hour, I observed the Secretary
of the Treasury Mr Long going into the apartment
of Mr Hiley Addington. There wa I took notice of an
appearance of alarm and anxiety upon his countenance.
I continued waiting waited upwards of two hours or perhaps three:
having learnt that Mr Vansittart had been there since eleven
or earlier, and wondering that no notice should be taken of me
Mr Long and Mr Vansittart Hiley Addington had been together it may
be an hour and or an hour and a half, when a message
was brought out to me in one of the passages that Mr Hiley
Addington was ready for me, and wished to see me.
I had never inquired after for Mr Hiley Addington, but as
he of me had sent out a message expressive
of his desire to see me, I could do no otherwise than comply
with it. I found with him Mr Long, in whose countenance
I remarked the same anxious appearance of gravity, sadness and
anxiety. It gave me concern to see him; because recollecting
that the purport of the unanswered application to
Mr H. Addington went to convey imputations, very seriously & prejudicial,
though to my conception not injurious, to the character of the

+ giving in to one of them my name
on paper or card as

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