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24 Aug. 1802

9 July 1801

Mr Bentham. Well, Sir—this is a point that may be
better cleared up, hereafter when the time comes, by the evidence of Mr Nepean.
For as it was the absolute impossibility of direct access
to you that constituted the sole real cause of that application
to him on my part which produced the negotiation
between him and you, so was of the declared one: and
looking upon such a banishment as nether reasonable compatible
to my with my own rights nor with your duties, and as requiring
were it only for the sake of my own character, a pretty explicit
explanation as to the cause of it. I begged and begged of him of him with no small earnestness to take
the first opportunity of asking you in the most
pointed terms, whether in the course of the six years that I have been a suitor to your office you yourself ever conceived yourself
to have any, on any score whatever any the smallest
reason to complain of me? To that question Your answer to that question
be repeated by him to me, was most explicitly in the negative.
I now embrace this further opportunity of establishing
that same point—and now in the presence of this
gentleman your friend whom I understand to be Mr
Hiley Addington I beg leave to put the same question
to you meaning always to except the moment of this {to
me very unexpected} interview for that you should be altogether
satisfied with what every thing you have now been hearing from me is
I confess rather rather beyond my expectation hopes.

Mr Long's declaration of the absence of all cause of to the above effect
complaint was thereupon as explicit, as according to
Mr Nepean, it had before been to Mr Nepean.

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