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24 Aug. 1802

9 July 1801

The idea of obligation was rejected plainly and simply:
rejected as inapplicable not only in ma to the case in
hand but to any other that could be supposed. In speaking
of cobwebs, I fell short of the mark: Cobwebs, though no one ineffectual
resistance bar might afford oppose obstruction resistance and annoyance:
Acts and of Parliament in any number and engagements were I should not have
said cobwebs but I should have said moonshine to First Lords Secretaries of the
Treasury and Secretaries of State. Were I inclined to
exaggerate all the hyperboles I could find or make would
not enable me to exaggerate. In speaking of him who
over and over again and in a time of contempt disdain
and scorn disclaims all regard to laws—all regard
to engagements—holds himself bound by neither—not
denying the existence of either—how is it possible to

On this occasion the description of In this score it would be an act of injustice to
Mr Hiley Addington not to acknowledge observe that his part
in it was seemed rather a subordinate one. The doctrines were
laid down principally if not exclusively by Mr Long.
His Informant of the oracles rather than invention was the task of his
successors new-interred successors in office. Being from every what judgment I could
make in so short an interview a good natured man—his
hue and manner were adapted to the task more part: the part of soothing
and smoothing away by a mixture of reproof and kindness
such obstinacy as mine. His words were as
oil to the vinegar which I had been used
to receive in the few, as few as possible, occasions, on which till now any thing could be squeezed
out of the other . All the axioms whether of
politics or issues advanced by his learned head were
so many to
all that the the declining that the of parliaments about the futility
of the famed distinction between absolute and limited monarchies—
about the

that had been laid down
by this -

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