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1. The establishment
of another
incorporated Bank.
It could not remedy
the radical imperfections
of Bank

.. misconduct of

.. of such a
.. — whether ad
.. indifferent, it would
..enquire. To the
..to observe, that
Pitt and perfidy

at the first the efficacy of such an institution
would in this point of view is incapable of coming up to that of the in the point of view in question
proposed paper. In a mass mint of paper exposed
as we have seen to hazards, it would have add
all that it could do would have been to have
added another mint for the coinage of al more a paper
of exactly the same sort, and therefore exposed
in equal degree to the same hazards.

I have already mentioned The reason has been already mentioned in
That the law of Parliament was considered in a Lecture
rule in the hands of Mr Pitt was avowed to me by
a man well worthy by all sorts of titles to be the confidential Agent
and sub-legislator of Mr Rose and Mr Pitt. It was avowed made known to me in the
extent habitual stile of scorn at the ample contemplation of my ignorance
notification — scorn for the ignorant and uninformed book-worm that
could think otherwise. have ignorance/be ignorant of it. [+]1 [+]1 Such was the
proposition in
substance: in form
indeed it was a
more general one.
The proposition as announced
in the form in which the purpose to a it was announced was added a more general one.

that no such laws as that in question — laws giving
compulsive power of compulsive purchase were ever enforced or
meant to be. The truth falshood of it is testified by in this its general character being
experience in all other instances matter of universal notoriety: the only case in which
it could be true was that in which the enforcement depended
upon [+]2
[+]2 upon the will of
Mr Pitt: and in that
the truth of it has been
confirmed over and over
again by my now
unfortunate experience.

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