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4 May 1802
Dispensing power

This in a short time if not in the first instance will
be all that will be thought necessary: though at first perhaps
as abbreviations seldom came in the first place
especially in law writings matters of law in Acts an Act of Parliament or
what may be equivalent is tantamount to it, it may be thought fit to add
to keep by way of keeping up appearances – "it would be very expedient"
viz: that that should be done which the
Law had required to be done. Thus grounded the
Duke of Portland or his successor would go on and
instead of that which according to the inclination of by thoughts was so
done whatever appeared to him or to any of his friends expedient in the
whatever accord order to be done whatever, according to the same
of it inclination, were expedient – in the room of it.

This at least is what I hope would be all the case,
this short hand work mode is the least bad mode in which the business could be done.
If one addition to the ca form analogous to the contempt of their first letter for the exercise of it,
for if it were not, and it were necessary to add the
string of pleas and a bead roll of sham pleas and false pretences such as those made by
the five grounds of relinquishment relinquishment exhibited by the succeeding letters, that would be
worse still – that would be bad indeed: that would
be be corruptio pessimi corruption worse corrupted. Yes my Lord if
we must have despotism tyranny let it be at least be a manly
grim faced, stark naked despotism tyranny: not a despotism
made not only odious but despicable as well as odious by the
transparent rags and conspicuous filter of a set
of pretences of pleas and pretences of frauds and falsehoods such as those. If in spite of law one Whatever authority a Secretary
individual or a handful of individuals in certain of State or a First Lord of the Treasury is to be allowed to exercise
over the authority of Parliament let no unnecessary crimes at least be added to the necessary crime of tyranny: let it not be understood
situations are to do for ever as they please – let them to be a preliminary qualification – a condition prejudicial
Despotism of itself is bad enough without its being to the exercise of it. But he should have cast off and abjured all regardsituations are to do for ever as they please – let them be Mastery and falshood. Whatever they are to be suffered to truth and justice (as well not to as to common sense) – and that
to do let them be suffered to do it without prejudice to while announcing his superior will and pleasure to , to an
their be though to the destruction of the Constitution and a an acquiescence a acquiescence a superfluous
to the will it of our liberty: and let it not be weeping when subordinate legislature the part of his law the considerant as it is called on the other side of the water should be composed of such a hodge podge of frauds and falshoods as, a case of purity and sincerity and good faith is sitting at the same time.
a man is thus to exercise a power so much superior to that of the laws
let it not be understood to be a condition precedent, a condition annexed to the
exercise of it, that it should be with such words language in his mouth
as are mostly to render a man useful unworthy to sit not only at any
Board of Government, but at any private table where a man

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