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11 May 1802
Dispensing power

and Mr Baldwin: the consent given, that if any accomplice
that could find or fancy himself a sharer in the profit of the crime –
and Mr Baldwin: the necessity at acted under, neither that which is
produced by fear danger of natural calamity, nor any other more cogent but that which
less more cogent nor more avowable necessity than what that which one dirty hand may
feel or fancy itself under if doing the dirty work of
another: the consent that if every accomplice
that could feel or fancy himself a sharer in the
profit of the crime. In that instance if the will of Parliament had noted declared itself or could have declared itself concerning which on the business on the occasion themselves at the time, the act of the King's servants would, it was acknowledged are by their by themselves own acknowledgement have been without excuse. In this instance Parliament In that instance, if at
had acted my Lord, and this thus to the eyes of the conspir time when the exercise of the illegal power was first claimed
upon, the pleasure of Parliament could have been known
to was lay the great grievance. The will which had
to be adverse to the measure the act of the advisers of the measure which Parliament
had required to be carried into effect – acknowledgement have been without . was the
mischief which by this acting it was their will
to apply a remedy. It In this instance, it was because the will of
Parliament had declared itself and had never changed as such was well known
or they knew insurgence as change to them had undergone no change – norfor want of so much as a colourable
vest without shame and danger be so much as
asked to change itself, it was on this very consideration these very considerations
that the determination was taken to defeat and set at the will of Parliament it, by Mr Pitt
and the Duke of Portland – those instruments and
abettors, as a
by the conspiracy which, that so happily
for the interests of justice, or natural justice and good Government this letter has betray'd.
It was the confidence assurance – the well grounded assurance – of having the opinion of Parliament
on their side that activated the in the former case gave birth on the part of the King's advisers in the former to that open salutary and manly honourable ingenuous though illegal measure
was: it was the consciousness of not having Parliament
of their side that gave birth on the part of their secret Conspirators
not less against the King honour of his Majesty
the Duke of Portland his advisers and abettors,
administration than against the authority of Parliament gave
back to this dark and dirty exercise of lawless power.

It was the confidence of obtaining the sanction of Parliament
that gave birth to the irregularity in that former instance: it was the shame
of applying for that sanction – or, for the honour of Parliament, say rather
the dreams of obtaining it – that gave birth to the irregularity in this
recent instance.

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