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9 Apr 1802 Postpone
Dispensing power

If those among these personages there happened to be
one or more who upon being sounded said to him do so – do so –
while the others said – do as you will – there is nothing
to hurt or hinder you
: what is there that to such eyes to
eyes such as the Duke of Portland's could appear
improper or unsafe?

The law I live and I act under is the law of Parliament:
I am content – more than content to live under
it – and desire no other. The burthens I never shrunk from nor at. But there are in connection along with these benefits which in the case of burthens other men go along with the burthens: find benefits: and in those I must confess it does seem hard to me that I can not have my share. By this the law of Parliament I am bound:
and by this law in case of disobedience by this I am liable to
be punished. I am content to be so: but all I but what I do
wish for, is – that as I am bound by it subject to its power and in case of misbehaviour punishable
under it, I were protected by it. I were
under its protection likewise: but for this I have been
sighing in vain for almost this eight years.

Turning Looking at Blackstone I should find that the Duke
of Portland was also bound by the law of Parliament as
well as myself. Turning to this letter of the Duke's,
I find that it is Parliament that is subject to the Duke's
law, not the Duke to the Law of Parliament: and so
I find the it case to be in fact by sad experience,
and this interpretation I find to be the true one by
sad experience: to be is the true one.

For these eight years I have been living in a state
of outlawry: my crime is the having been injured by
Mr Pitt. My wish rather than my hope is before
I die to see this my outlawry reversed: for that I be
like the paralytic at the pool of Bethesda, at the feet of
Parliament: looking for the day, if preadventism it should come,
When Parliament shall resume its power, and see to the fulfilment
of the engagements promises it so long ago contracted with me.

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