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I dwell the more particularly on this interpretation my
Lord, because this exclusive setting aside of all varnishes, is what
I take to be the true picture of his Grace's conduct – the
plain and genuine secret his way of the business the history
of the workings of mind.

This too by giving the true history of the business
gives the true fair and unexaggerated picture of the mischief
resulting from such conduct and of the true
measure of the demand for of punishment

I say nothing about blocks and axes because
I do not myself regard it as that sort
of case which presents calls a demand for the use of
blocks and axes.

If it were a conspiracy to overthrow the constitution
by force to maintain uphold the things by force
or their contempt put by them in the authority of
Parliament – yes.

But it is not a conspiracy to overthrow the
constitution by force: it is no more than a conspiracy
to undermine it by fraud: and that only in
the individual instance in question, and very likely
without any distinct view of the use that might
be made of it in the way of precedent to assu excuse
a power in other future instances.

But, whether intended or no to be made use of as
a precedent – is it or is it not likely – as occasion
serves – to be so employed – cop if nothing be done to prevent
it? It will be difficult, I think to answer
otherwise than in the affirmative.

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