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What! the Duke of Portland! (rejoins Your Lordship)
this of the gentle – the fearful Duke of Portland!

My Lord I do not dispute his gentleness, I
do not dispute his feafulness – ever and anon
though at any distance – it has lain fallen in
my way to witness it. behold it. But my Lord, it is the property of or belongs to the Duke
of Portland this man as of most other men as to most men to be bold or
fearful, according to the object that is before him.
It is the property of the same man to be bold to before
the man he feels he can oppress – fearful to before the man by whom
he fears to be oppressed. It is Where then is the my Lord, is the wonder, this it should be the property of the
same man Duke to be a lion to me, and a lamb
to Mr Pitt? Sir Joseph Willet was a turn straw canary
bold, and would have laid about him among the pits
with as much care as the Duke of Portland – when
he had his be Bully back by close behind him for his support.
My Lord in supposing supposed when I spoke of the Duke to be
Look back my Lord, and you will find, that in supposing the
duke to be bold, I supposed him to have his license.

My Lord, in this case, he had as compleat a has licence,
as a more effectual one the most fearful of such heroic and need never wish
to have. At the time of this later at any rate belonged to him Our common object governed him and
his supporter: whichever of the two it was of them that was took it
up first
the first to take it up – a matter which perhaps possibly
your Lordship knows, but which I neither know nor
wish to know. care about.

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