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from the first should have been confined consigned either
as to transportation or to the Hulks there may have
been a number more or less considerable, who have
not been disposed of in either mode, but instead
of it have been hope all the time of their respective
discharges, in the Gaols. If so, what have have
been the length of their respective punishments?
– the whole lengths – or the transportation lengths? the reduced lengths – the commutation lengths?

Supposing the Duke, deputed to
have been capable of any steady proper and steady plan of thought –
capable of thinking and thinking with standcraft and
how to fulfill the intention of tthe law, instead
of thinking how to defeat it – in putting this ideal case, he who is so determined
to keep transportable Convicts in the Gaols instead of
consigning them utter to the Hulks or to the Pantentiary
establishment – for which bought ofupon which of the two scales of the two lengths of time it
was his intention would have been was his plan to mark out the lengths of time to keep them in the Gaols?
For the reduced lengths only? Upon the reduced scales But at the end of
those reduced lengths he would not be so much as warranted
in discharging them setting them free: sure it is only in the case
where the have been performed by the "adjudication
or order"
of the respective "Courts" that under the provision
of the Du Statute it can take place.

For the whole lengths? – Then a portion an item to add
to the features by which this plan of his is so criminally distinguished
that of toward is that of address to the punishment necessary upon
designed by the , in the instance of the oppression designed for such a multitude

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