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Turn to the Duke's letter, my Lord, and you will
find the Duke him distinguishing between the two classes of convicts
capable under the Acts (34 G-3. Ch 8h) of being confined
in the Penitentiary House if there ever are:
1 Transportable Convicts. 2. Other Convicts: (to use the term
employed by the Act) that is convicts untransportable other than transportable.

If Your Lordship will be pleased to to them Arc This done I will venture to preserve myself that Your
Lordship will perceive as clear as day light
that the Committee of Finance so long ago perceived that the Act means that Convicts of both these descriptions
should be capable of being conveyed to the Penitentiary
House or Houses – and consequently that the Penitentiary
House or Houses should be such in every respect as should be capable of embracing Convicts
of both their descriptions.

The Duke however (as it plain enough upon
the fair of this letter) Red not driven if he could help
it that convicts of either description should be kept
confined there: or at least that in these two classes of convicts it should contain
any Convicts individuals where he could find a pretence for<add>what seemed to have</add>
put what presented itself to have a pretence, for disposing of any where else.

To of it there effect this purpose he Your
Lordship will however find
employs however two distinct Pretences: are applied
to the one class to Convicts of the transportable class; the other to the other: one, his understanding concerning what the object of the Act is; the other his inclination "to think" concerning what the object of it ought to have been.
The class of convict to the reception as "receptacles" for
The class which, the Penitentiary House, supposing
it built at all should "principally" be applied, used" are
were the transportable Convicts": but among these his
notion is that they might those receptacles ought not, according to the object
of the Act, or his "understanding" it, to be made to realise

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