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The general so clear and undisguised and if the particular
result fall short of it and was at variance with it and failed of corresponding with it
it was only the discrepancy was only one of of the but nothing more
number than an of those inconsistencies, of which the composition
the number of which are so many and numerous in
such of the compositions of Mr King and his Duke as
they have not been able to support. After so much
to find a ground and construct for reduction reducing
the number of the number to its lowest pitch, 2150 was the lowest that at that
time Mr King had been able to find. I could indeed
have helped him to a much lower: were the already
settled number of 1000 as per draught of Contract: but even that of 2150 was a reduced number in comparison of that which would have resulted (as is shown in my paper P) would have recalled from a fair use of the data that were to be had
but and which he was labouring to repeal the Penitentiary
Establishment in which labouring to govern the Colonial
Establishment of N.S. Wales he knows of the history
of N.S. Wales. In proportion as length light of the When Mr King finds an Act in direct repugnance
instructions received from Mr Long <note> who himself knows little more of it than the desire he had all along entertained of frustrating it. The largeness of the number left about for that time was left, was the result therefor – not of and moderation but of by confusion and inadvertence and ignorance.</note> his supplication of</del> to his purpose he quotes it as
three principles known to join and more When Mr King has an illegal design to carry into under whom of the
notes it the Act laws he pitches upon selects then for a pattern as as a ground for to furnish him
with a pretence for it nor those which are dramatically particularly
repugnant to it. If he had General Warrants to open
he would ground himself in Magna Charter: if he had it
he would ground himself in the Bill of Rights

What was impossible is that that Act a prior
Act should have any thing in it to restrict the mention whatever
ma magnitude may have been given to the establishment
by this posterior Act. What was impossible
is that that Act should there be any thing favourable to
the design manifested by Mr King. in this letter by the duke What was not
only possible but fact is that in that Act is contained
matter to which the principles manifested debarred in this letter
are in direct repugnance. The letter Of this Act of the
19th what Mr King the duke professes to understand to be the
object, is to rent keep all convicts in the Gaols that
can not be sent transported to N.S. Wales. But by the Act sends
transportable takes convicts nor to be sent to the Hulks: and

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