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4 Apr. 1802
Dispensing power

is – that the Gaols will go to ruin unless crowded
with convicts, who it was not the intention of Parliament none of whom had been ordered by Parliament to
should remain there – be kept there – none of whom, if the inte orders requisitions of Parliament had found obedience would have remained there – that thereof the determination
is that those to prevent this catastrophe, these prisons they shall be kept filled – which
if they are it must be either at the expence of
N.S. Wales or at the expence of the Hulks – at
the expence of the two only statutable and legal modes
the two only modes prescribed by Parliament – one or both of them.

Nobody supposes Parliament – the least of all
does Parliament suppose itself – to be infallible.
No body of men that ever existed was ever less averse
to profit by experience. The ordinary way course – when
a measure instituted by Parliament is supposed
to have been indicated by experience as
inexpedient, or requiring amendment – the ordinary
way course is to come to for those who have amendments
to propose – Ministers or others – is to come to Parliament
itself – and propose to Parliament the adoption
of such supposed amendments. Such accordingly was the
way course taken by Ministers when they in proposing
the Penitentiary Establishment, which accordingly
by the Act of 34th of the King, Parliament approved of
and required to be set on foot. Such is the course
taken in the ordinary state of things and by
ordinary men of ordinary mould, to rectify any
supposed imperfections in the such measures as have

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