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12 April 1802
Dispensing power

Two declared objects which the Act has, are the Penitentiary Establishment
and the Hulks: the first as soon as may be –
the other in the income time: and there are sections upon sections about each of them. In An object which the
Act has not – is in for it says nothing about the
matter – is – the keeping of convicts of the transportable
class in the Gaols. This is the only object which the
Duke who understands the has "examined the Act"
so claims, and "understands the object" of it so thoroughly
is able to designate it.

When the duke has an illegal point to convey object to compass
under colour of the laws, the laws he selects for the
purpose are those which are in direct repugnance
to it. If he wanted to set up presbytery instead
of episcopacy, the Act of Uniformity is the Act he
would take care to examine for the purpose, and
understand the object of it. If instead of keeping me
out of the Penitentiary House into which in which
I should have been stationed so long ago had Parliament
had power enough to put me there, the a fancy
had taken him to put me into one of his improved
Gaols Gaols and keep me there without the trouble of coming to troubling Parliament about
such trifles of all the Acts in the Statute Book the one he would grounded one he would have grounded himself
upon would have been the Habeas Corpus Act.

In the present instance, the Land tax Act is and the Meeting
Act might have been referred to with more decency than
the two he upon, and the pretence assertion of his having
not only examined them but understanding understood that
to be the object of them which he gives, would have
been more credible less incredible.

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