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The only circumstance Except the circumstance of the
General's having had goods from you as above for other
purposes besides that of the Penitentiary House is this: viz.
that in the account the sum is "total of goods, furnished by
you for the Penitentiary is stated at £2124. 16s. 3d: and
there is a difficulty about in conceiving how the goods for
that purpose alone could have come to so much. I have
by me a letter of yours directed to myself and dated Jany
7th 1799, of which so much as relative to the present subject
stands thus. "I have this day received your favour of
"the 14th instant and having examined our accounts find
"the quantity of cast iron sent for the use of the Penitentiary
"House was Tons 143: qrs 2. lb 7. I am sorry the General
"will sustain such a loss." by this it appears that it was in
answer to a letter of mine desiring to know the quantity
furnished for that purpose. How at £12 a Ton
£ T 143: Q 3. lb 7. comes to no more than £1732.1.9 and
out of the whole number of 8 invoices, in every one of the 5
which we have, the price mentioned is £12 and no more.
In those 4 invoices all the other articles put together in
(7 in number) make but £36.19s.3d: together £1,769:1.0.
Now then Deducting this from the £2124.16s.3d. here then
remains £355. 15s. 3d which we see not how to account
for but on one or more of these suppositions, viz. 1. in the
4 invoices which we have not the articles charged at
a higher price than £12 per ton. 2. other articles not as above
for the besides castings: 3. an a mistake in regard
to the total quantity said (in your abovementioned letter
of the 7th Jany 1799) to be furnished for the Penitentiary
House, viz. the instead of the £ T. 143 qr 3. lb 7. it should have
been some greater quantity.

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