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2 Letter I 1

121.4 .6
£1. 8.
1878. 15-6

3. That the sum in question, though nominally £2,000
had been before it came into my hands been reduced to
£1,878. 15s.6d or thereabouts by deductions resulting from the source
from which it issued: viz. the Civil List. These amount
being having been made I presume, according to General rules, the exact amount of them is
I suppose already known to the Commissioners, or, if necessary may easily
be learnt by them through the official channels.

43. That the nature and history of the transaction in
the course of which the money in question was received by
me may and the history of it down to June 1798
may be seen in my evidence as given by me to the Committee
on Finance, and printed in their the twenty-eighth of
their Reports.

From these preliminary observations, which it seemed necessary for
me to make, I do not mean it to be understood but
that I have any the smallest doubt of being able to render to the
Commissioners such account as will be regarded deemed by them
as full and satisfactory, and that within the time in your said Letter prescribed.
The only object of them is to apologise for the perhaps unexpected trouble
that will be given to them Commissioners by this address, and
in particular for the questions which I shall have to
submitt to them for the purpose of taking their directions.

4. That whereas in speaking of the sum in question
Your said Letter states it as imprested to me on account between
the 14th of Feby and the 11th of July 1794 "to build a
Penitentiary House at Battersea, it may be necessary seems proper
to be stated by way of explanation that no such House was or
could be built at Battersea: no ground having been there purchased for
the same. Powers for that purpose were by an Act of Parliament, viz
the Act of the July 1794 thereafter given to the Lord Commissioners[+]
[+] of the Treasury for the
purpose of purchasing
of a particular spot of
Ground for that purpose,
at Battersea, as therein
described, or other ground
at their choice. A spot
at Milbank Westminster
was afterwards
purchased, on the
subject of which I
have addressed to you
a separate Letter
(Letter 2) of this date.

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