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J.B. to Audit Office

1 Account delivered in
to the Audit Office
14 July 1807.
J.B. Debtor

by Mr Preparatory Statement Jeremy Bentham's of Queens Square Place Westmr Esqr of the Account of the expenditure
of a sum of £2,000 stated in a Letter to him from
bearing Date the 10th June 1807 from John Lewes Mallet Esq Secretary to the Commissioners
for the auditing of the Public Accounts "as imprested
"to him the said Jeremy Bentham upon account
"between the 14th of Feby and the 11th of July 1794 to
"build a Battersea Penitentiary House at Battersea": with
Queries submitted by the said Jeremy Bentham to the said Commissioners for the purpose
of receiving their directions considering the definitive statement
of the said Account

N.B. No such House was or could be built at Battersea:
no ground having been there purchased for the same: Powers for
that purpose were provided by an act of Parliament viz
the Act of the July 1794: given to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury to do that the purpose of purchasing but when the hour came their
Lordships did not think proper to make choice of that ground
a a particular spot of ground the
at Battersea as therein
described, or other Ground
at their choice. A
spot of at Milbank
Westminster was afterwards
purchased, concerning which
see Mr Bentham's 2d Letter
to the Audit Board of this
same date.

14 July 1807.
Jeremy Bentham of Queen's Square 14 Westminster Esqr
Mr Jeremy Bentham Esq in account with the former Lords Comms of his Majesty's Treasury
in respect of an a heretofore intended Penitentiary Establishment Debtor
not at this date not yet begun upon — — —
1794 Received of the said Commissioners by in virtue of a grant of from his
Majesty under his Majesty's sign Manual, paid out of
the Civil List, a sum which had it not been for the
previous deductions as per the other side of this account
would have been £2,000:0 :0

4 Jan 1794 { Abstract of
to { Weekly Payments
26 Sept 1795 { for to Workmen
{ for Wages, as
{ per 2 Original
{ Books herewith
{ sent

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