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March 1808

which out total charge aforesaid to the amount of the
aforesaid sum of £1751: 11s. 9d was so received as above
was made: and that these three several parcels of goods
were transmitted toget by us and by the said General Bentham
or his Agents (as we understood at the time) received, in
the same manner as the several other articles of which our said
account is composed: a proper invoice being such time
transmitted together with, or on the occasion of, each
such parcel of goods, so transmitted as aforesaid.

Brewer's Green Westminster Monday 14th March 1808.
Sir Gentlemen
Mr Bentham having given in his Account
to the Commissioners on the occasion mentioned in a former
letter of mine, in to which account were annext as
Vouchers such papers as at my request you had the
goodness to furnish him w with, an Inspector General
of Accounts to whom by under the direction of the Commissioners
the account had been referred has in a paper transmitted
to Mr Bentham addressed to him the observations and
queries of which as to so much as concerns your business
the following is a copy. To enable you, in so far as
depends upon you, to give the reference satisfaction required,
he has drawn up and I herewith inclose (together with
a proper stamp on which it may be written) the form of a
an acknowledgement or receipt which he hopes will answer
the purpose, and which he requests you will have the goodness
to trans remitt back to me with your signature by the return of post as soon if possible as may be, the
being pressed by them on point of time; requesting of you at the same
time that if in the
matter of the said
proposed receipt
any inaccuracies
should be observed, you
will have the goodness
to correct them set
them right. I am Sir, Your obedient humble Servant John Lloyd.

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